Backup for FSlogix profile hosted in Azure Premium files for WVD Environment

When disaster strikes, we all shout for it. We assume, wrongly, that every business has a long term backup strategy – In fact, if you have one, you’re halfway there to protecting your business. But a corporate backup strategy is only valid if it’s regularly tested and you can guarantee the process works. Both for your peace of mind as well as your data security.

If your IT backup plan fails it could have catastrophic effects on your business. Not only from a compliance and regulatory perspective but from a reputational point of view too. 

In this blog I will walk through how to configure Azure backup and restore FSlogix profile which is hosted in Azure premium files.


  • Recovery service vaults

Note: Please make sure to create separate shared folder for profile and Office 365(ODFC) container so that you can exclude backup for Office 365 (ODFC) share since it has only cached data so backup is not required and you can save cost as well

In this blog I am not going through creating Azure files for FSlogix as there are many blogs available in the internet and I strongly recommend you can follow Mr.T-Bone blog for the configuration Azure fileshare for WVD with Fslogix – Mr T-Bone´s Blog

So lets begin..

From azure portal search for Recovery Service vaults

Click on create and enter the necessary details like RG name and vault name then click Review+create

Click on Go to resource

Browse to Properties-Backup Configuration-Select Locally redundant (This option you cannot be changed later so configure according to your requirements )

Under Recovery services vaults blade browse to Backup and select Azure File share and click Backup

Select the storage account and add the share

Select Create a new Backup Policy and configure it as per the requirement

Verify the Backup items

Click on Backup now to initiate backup (forceful back for the first time)

Verify the status under Backup Jobs

Now Lets try to restore FSlogix profile

Browse to Backup items and select the share and click on File Recovery

Select the Restore point and destination

Click on Add files and select the VHD path

Click on Restore

You can see the progress of restore under Backup Jobs

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