FSLogix Disk space Expansion

One of the very common request we often get in VDI environment is for the expansion of FSLogix profile disk. Though there is not proper articles from Microsoft for the disk expansion in this blog will explain how we can achieve it using simple diskpart commands

I highly recommend below points to consider while implementing FSLogix to avoid disk expansion requests

  • Implement O365 disk which will avoid storing office/teams related cached data to profile disk
  • Recommended to set 30 GB for each Profile and O365 disk
  • Implement FSlogix Exclusions where ever possible

Lets begin

Please make sure user is logged off from the VDI session and profile vdisk is not locked prior running below commands

Launch PowerShell and execute below Commands

Select Vdisk file =”\\share”
Expand Vdisk maximum=target size
attach vdisk
select partition 1
list partition 1
detach vdisk

Select the Vdisk from the share path (file server path/azure premium file share/Azure netapp file share )

Enter the size (in this blog we will increase disk from 30 to 40 GB )

You can verify by mounting the VHD or you can check from FSlogix tray as well from user session

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